Product Range Dia 16mm – 630 mm
Output : 70Kgs/Hr.- 700 Kgs/Hr.

SJSZ series of conical twin-screw extruder is a super-twin -conical extruder, which is developed and manufactured by German Technology . Machines of this series all are provided with features of uniform plastication, pugging and agglomeration, reliable quality, high production, wide application range, long service life and so on. Equipped with the company’s various mould tools and down-stream auxiliary equipment, you can directly produce PVC pipes.
Machines of this series are also provided with two kinds of electric control system: normal control and microcomputer control; and two kinds of main drive system: direct-current speed control and frequency conversion speed control. You may choose any of them.

Main features:

High performance decelerating torque gear box.
High precision, wide speed-regulation, forced proportional lengthened feeding system.
Reliable & efficient vacuum air exhaust system
Cyclic oil heating device for screw core which is convenient to control temperature.
High performance, low noise air cooling system.
Perfect & accurate automatic temperature -control system.
Precise & stable speed-adjustment system.