Pipe / Profile / Pellet Extrusion lines

Single Screw Pipe Extrusion Lines (Polyolefin)

Energy efficient single-screw extruders are designed to deliver higher productivity with much lesser power consumption per Kg.

RPVC/CPVC Conical Twin Screw Extrusion Line

These Energy savings twin screw extruders are developed for better gelation, Equipped to handle Higher Caco3 Dosage.

RPVC / CPVC Parallel Twin Screw Extrusion line

These Energy savings counter rotating twin screws are developed for better gelation, equipped to handle Higher Caco3 Dosage

PE/PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines - PVC/WPC Profile Extrusion Line

Specially designed conical screws suitable to process PVC/ WPC foamed products


PVC compounding is a process of Homogenous mixing of various ingredients along with PVC