PVC/WPC Profile Extrusion Line

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PE/PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines - PVC/WPC Profile Extrusion Line

Specially designed conical screws suitable to process PVC/ WPC foamed products

The suitable downstream equipment along with dies and tools provided to manufacture PVC / WPC Solid as well as foamed Sheet, Board and profiles for various application like doors, windows, interiors, roofs, ceiling etc…

The downstream equipment includes dies, tools, calibration blocks, calibration table, profile lamination, printing, hauler, cutter, and stacker.


PVC/WPC profile extrusion line/ Post Extrusion

PVC wide door panel extrusion line

PVC (PVC & WPC) foamed board & door panel extrusion line

Downstream Euipments

Max. product widthVacuum calibration unitHaulerCutter
Vacuum pumpWater pumpLength(mm)MotorMotorCutting type
YF-240S2405.5kwx24.0kwx1, 1.5kwx140001.1kwx22.2kwx1Horizontal Cutter
YF-2402405.5kwx44.0kwx1, 2.2kwx160001.5kwx22.2kwx1Horizontal Cutter
YF-3003005.5kwx44.0kwx1, 2.2kwx160001.5kwx22.2kwx1Horizontal Cutter
YF-6006007.5kwx2; 5.5kwx24.0kwx1, 2.2kwx160002.2kwx22.2kwx1


Horizontal Cutter

YF-1000100011kwx2; 5.5kwx24.0kwxl, 2.2kwx180005.5kwx22.2kwx1