Futura RPVC Series 120 to 500 Ton

Injection Moulding Machines - Futura RPVC Series 120 to 500 Ton

Dura represents Electronica Plastic Machines Private Ltd. (Pune, India) in all overseas markets exclusively.


  • It is driven by the most energy efficient servo mechanism resulting in highest energy savings, consistent, repeatable & smoother machine performance.
  • Specially designed extended safety doors to accommodate molds with core pull cylinders.
  • Specially designed screw perfectly suitable for RPVC Processing with special metallurgy resulting in excellent melt homogeneity at lower temperature and longer screw life
  • Highly efficient blower-heater bands to precisely control and maintain the desired temperature profile
  • Live display of instantaneous power with per-hour energy monitoring for the last 30 days.


MODELUnitFu 120-458-18RPVCFu 160-564-18RPVCFu 220-893-32RPVCFu 260-941-32RPVCFu 320-1350-39RPVCFu 400-2270-48RPVCFu 500-3087-55RPVC
Screw Diametermm4550505555606067677275808085
Screw LengthL/D20.518.520.518.620.518.82118.8212020192220.7
Screw Strokemm162180202227227366400
Stroke volumecm325831835342748057164280097611271590182420102269
Injection Weight max. (RPVC)g309382424513576685770960117113531908218824122722
Injection Rate #cm3/S93116125152174207251313318367385438407459
Plasticizing Rate (RPVC) #g/s13.815.616.919.520.823.425.5323037.543.546.44251.2
Injection PressureBar17801442159613191862156414671176138311981428125515361361
Screw RPM (RPVC) #103103115104104969686868076727267
Clamping Unit        
Clamping ForcekN1200160022002600320040005000
Mold Opening Strokemm400450480550640700770
Dist Bet. Tie Bars, H x Vmm410X410470 x 470535 x 535580 x 580670 x 650720 x 720800 x 800
Mold Thickness, min/max.mm160-400160-500200-550200-600250-660220-730250-800
Max. Daylightmm80095010301150130014301570
Platen Diamensions HxVmm615X615715 x 715760 x 760870 x 870980 x 9601065 x 10651175 x 1175
Ejector Strokemm110122125167167180231
Ejector ForcekN31.446.749.966.266.2118142
Ejector Numberpcs5599131313
General Data        
Pump DrivekW12.00 (8.20)12.0 (8.2)28.3 (19.2)28.3 (19.2)36.7 (24.9)44.0 (29.9)67.0 (45.5)
Installed Heating CapacitykW8.0811.417.919.721.332130
Total Connected PowerkW20.08 (16.28)23.4 (19.6)46.2 (37.1)48.0 (38.9)58.03 (46.23)65 (50.9)97 (75.5)
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)M4.3X1.7X2.04.8 x 1.8 x 2.05.6 x 1.9 x 2.16.1 x 2.1 x 2.26.9 x 1.6 x 2.57.5 x 1.6 x 2.318.4 x 1.77 x 2.56
Oil Tank Capacitylit250300400490600720900
Net Weight (without Oil)t4.