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Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Lines - Single/Double Wall Corrugated (PE/PP)

Double wall corrugated pipe have excellent pipe wall structure design, which greatly reduces the cost compared with other isotropic pipes, convenient construction and connection, corrosion aging resistance and no leakage.
They  have been widely used , replacing a large number of concrete pipes and cast iron pipes.
Dura offers Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Lines  that can produce PE /PP DWC Pipes right from 200mm OD to 1800mm OD.
Our machines successfully help you achieve the  Ring Stiffness, Save Materials,  Provide Anti Settlement, and are  easy to connect.


Model Dura – 180H Dura – 300H Dura – 600H Dura – 1000H Dura – 1200H Dura – 1800H
Pipe Range Min OD 16mm
Pipe Range Min ID 90mm 100mm 200mm 300mm 600mm
Pipe Range Max OD 200mm 315mm 630mm 1000mm 1200mm 1800mm
Installed gross capacity 270kw 375kw 512kw 785kw 890kw 1050kw
Normal working power 140kw 230kw 310kw 482kw 600kw 660kw
Maximum production speed 17.5m/min 6.24m/min 5.4m/min 4.3m/min 3.8m/min 2.5m/min
Maximum Output 550 kg/hr 720kg/hr 1150kg/hr 1350kg/hr 1500kg/hr 1500kg/hr
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 28m×4.5m×3.2m 33m×5.2m×3.3m 35m×5.5m×3.8m 38m×6.8m×4m 38mx8.5mx4.2m 42mx9.5mx4.6m