ACP is composed of a polyethylene core between two aluminum sheets and coated with extra durable PVDF (fluororesin) resin as a composite structure which features excellent characteristics such as fireproof ,waterproof, heat insulated, sound insulated and resistant against corrosion ,pollution and wear.

ACP are manufactures as per ASTM standard. Having Excellent Face density ,Bending strength, Shearing strength, Peel strength, Thermal expansion coefficient & Heat Distortion temperature. The front side is aluminum coated with PVDF or Polystyrene. Core(Middle layer) is nontoxic polyethylene.& back side is aluminum coated with polyester.

Thickness : 4 mm (standard) 2-6 mm is available as per customer requirement.

Width : 1220 mm (standard) Max. width is 1600mm.
Length : 2440 mm (standard) no limit within 6000 mm.