Hylock Series 350 to 450 Ton

Injection Moulding Machines - Hylock Series 350 to 450 Ton

Dura represents Electronica Plastic Machines Private Ltd. (Pune, India) in all overseas markets exclusively.

  • Advanced & Latest RAM TYPE Hydraulic Clamp Design
  • Twin Cylinder Balanced Injection Unit
  • Wide & Strong Moving Platen Support
  • Generous Mold Space for Accommodating Large Molds
  • PID Controlled Injection Barrel with Ceramic Heater band
  • Graphical Presentation of various machine parameters
  • Advanced & User-Friendly Control Servo Motor + Gear Pump controlled by an advanced Servo integrated Servo System About 20 to60% Energy saving compared t conventional Hydraulic System
  • Available with customize and Special Screw Deign for Engineering Polymers like PC, Nylons, PVC ,CPVC, PET


ModelUnitsHyLock 350-IU363HyLock 350-IU400Hylock 450-IU360 ServoHylock 450-IU405 Servo
Clamp Force Ton350350450450
Clamp Strokemm1100110011001100
Tie Bar Distance (H XV)mm720x720720x720820 X 820820 X 820
Minimum Mould Heightmm300/600*300/600*350/800*350/800*
Maximum Daylightmm1400/1700*1400/1700*1450/1900*1450/1900*
Platen Size (H X V)mm1030x10301030x10301200 X 12001200 X 1200
Tie Bar Diametermm125125140140
Ejector Strokemm200200200200
Ejector ForceTon11.411.411.411.4
Injection Unit Number IU-2821IU-3705IU-3025IU-4020
Screw Diametermm7075807580857080908090100
L/D Ratio-21.42018.823.52220.72522.52024.82219.8
Stroke Volumecm313961603182417862010226913851810229020.3625763181
Injection Weight max (GPPS)gms132615231733167619092155131617192176193424483022
Injection Ratecm3/s327375427358407459433566716478605747
Plasticising Rate (GPPS) @ max speedg/sec6064.568.95356.260.180100115100115140
Injection PressureBar202017601547209818441633218216711320197515601264
Screw SpeedRPM166166166136136136195195195155155155
Servo Power unit (KW)kW67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)67 (45.5)
Heating CapacitykW21212130303030303041.541.541.5
Connected Loadkw88 (66.5)88 (66.5)88 (66.5)97 (75.5)97 (75.5)97 (75.5)97 (75.5)97 (75.5)97 (75.5)108.5(87.0)108.5(87.0)108.5(87.0)
Oil Tank CapacityLit140014001400140014001400160016001600160016001600