Parallel Twin Screw Extrusion lines

Parallel Twin Screw Extruder

The Parallel twin screw extruders ranging from 300kgs/Hr to 1300kgs/Hr.

These Energy savings counter rotating twin screws are developed for better gelation, equipped to handle Higher Caco3 Dosage.

PVC, CPVC pipes, profiles and Pellets can be produced with suitable post extrusion equipment.

High speed servo driven post extrusion equipment ensures higher productivity even for small diameter pipes and Profiles



Power (KW)455590110132160
Screw Dia. (mm)7590110120130135
LD Ratio28:128:128:128:128:131:1
Capacity (kg/h)300-400400-500500-600600-700800-10001000-1300
Center Height(mm)105010501050105010501250