Product Range Dia 6mm – 1600 mm
Output : 40 Kgs/Hr.- 1500 Kgs/Hr.

These production lines are developed by German Technology. It is applicable for high speed extrusion for various polyolefin materials e.g. PE,PP,PB,PERT,ABS etc.

Diameters of screw ranges from 20mm to 200mm. It is mainly applied in the extrusion of polyolefin plastics. Slotted feeder cylinder and novel screw design may remarkably enhance its plasticization. It has advantages such as high extrusive volume, low melt temperature, wide applicable material range etc.

High torque reducing speed installation

High torque output
High hardness and fineness tooth flank gear structure
Low noise box design
Oil pump cyclic lubrication
Outer-connected cooler forced cooling

Special feeder inlet design

Has perfect water cooling device
Professional bushing with ladder groove
Charger with infeed device

Control system

Fairly high precision temperature-control device
Speed regulative system with stable operation
Control components with reliable performance
Plasticization controllable which optimizes its plasticization performance
Low melt temperature makes the melt body even.
Machine barrel and screw made with introduction of German technology
Non-maintenance operation, super-quiet blower cooling cylinder
Resistance porcelain heater coil, Germany origin design for out looking

Control system is also available with Microcomputer.